plastic Injection Molding

Notes for Choosing and Using Injection Molding Machine

An injection molding machine is a device that injects resinr other plastic into a plastic mold by injection molding. It can mold plastic into various shapes to meet various uses. However, the injection molding machine has a serious disadvantage, that is, it may be unstable in the discharge, or it will generate a large resistance. If there is a lack of sufficient understanding of the injection molding machine equipment, it is likely to lead to unstable injection molding and other phenomena, thereby affecting the quality of the injection molded product.


The injection molding equipment must ensure the quality

For the injection molding machine, the quality not only directly affects the performance of the injection molding machine, but also affects the cost of injection molding. Therefore, only by guaranteeing the quality of the injection molding machine can we ensure the best quality and application of the finished product. Therefore, we must pay attention to the quality when purchasing the injection molding machine, and also pay attention to the maintenance after use. If you find that the injection molding machine fails and it is difficult to solve it yourself, you’d better consult an expert and maintain it.

In addition to the structural problems of the injection molding machine itself, it is also necessary to consider whether there are parts wear, deformation, and excessive wear speed in the injection molding machine equipment during maintenance. Use reasonable methods for maintenance, appropriate use of grease and other means. At the same time, the corresponding equipment maintenance personnel must abide by the operating procedures, etc., which can effectively improve the efficiency and quality of injection molding.


Make preparations before injection molding

Before injection molding, it is necessary to check the oil level and cleanliness of each part of the injection molding machine. If some parts have problems, they need to be replaced in time. For example, if there are some impurities or dirt in the oil circuit, it needs to be cleaned in time. Or, if the working pressure of the injection mold is relatively low, then the injection molding process will not generate as much pressure and flow rate, and the injection molded product will not be so stable. Also, if the injection mold has pressure blocks or other types of mechanical parts, it must be attached to the equipment and secured. Then check and adjust the pressure block on the injection mold. Then either tighten the screw on the compression screw, or adjust by rotating the injection molding machine.


The choice of injection molding machine is very important

First of all, the injection molding machine is the most used equipment in injection molding production, so it requires that the selected injection molding machine can not only provide a stable injection molding effect for the injection molding machine production, but also reduce the impact force that needs to be endured during the injection molding process. In addition, it should be noted that the injection molding machine should be able to achieve high precision, so the injection molding machine must also have a higher degree of automation. Secondly, the performance and parameters of the injection molding machine are very important. Therefore, only with a deeper understanding of the performance and parameters of the injection molding machine can a better choice of injection molding machine be used for production.

What attention should be paid during injection molding?

In the injection molding process, all parts of the mold are the same. They must cooperate with each other. If the size and shape of the mold are not good (such as eccentricity and special shape), they will affect the machining accuracy. After injection molding, there should be good ventilation and good cooling effect inside the mold. If there are many tiny cracks or bulges inside the mold, it must be repaired in time to prevent cracking or deformation.

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