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We have been cNC Machining metal and plastic parts since 2000

As a CNC machining parts manufacturer / factory, Xielifeng Tech has been providing custom CNC metal and plastic parts more than 20 years. We are professional in CNC machining parts out from stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, plastic like ABS, PVC, POM, and so on. Quality and efficiency is our promise. If you need customize parts, we are your good partener.

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Why You Should Trust Xielifeng

 We strictly implement ISO quality standards and have received ISO 90001: 2015 certification. This means our production lines feature advanced technologies that give manufacturing precision and accuracy. With sophisticated measuring and testing equipment in house, we check all incoming material and parts to meet your specifications. That’s why we are outstanding among the CNC machining parts manufacturers, factory, and companies in China. 

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    Fast Delivery

    We often finish samples within 1 week, Mass production: 2-5 weeks, depend on diferent projects.Quicker turn around is negotiable.

    Rich Experience

    Have been in the machining industry over 20 years, we have rich enough experience to deal with various difficult projects.

    2000+ satisfied customers

    So far, we have served more than 2000 custmers over the world, and got praised by them.

    Reasonable Price

    We always quote you the most cost-effective price base on excellent quality.


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    What Our Clients Say

    Mahadi Bindra
    Mahadi Bindra
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    Shenzhen Xielifeng Technology Co. is an absolute godsend! I truly would not have come as far as I have in my business without there well rounded ability to problem solve and produce some of the finest machined goods I have ever sold.
    Gerrard Pique
    Gerrard Pique
    Read More
    Shenzhen Xielifeng Technology Co. did a production run of 1000 units of my product. Every unit was comprised of multiple pieces. Every single unit fit together perfectly without a single mistake. Very impressive!
    Bernard Robert
    Bernard Robert
    Read More
    I would like to express that we are very satisfied with the quality of the part as well as the silk screen on the part! The CNC was very accurate and was professionally done, we are working on a new order for 500 to 1000 pieces.
    Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson
    Read More
    The product arrived very quickly and was well within our desired tolerances. It was a difficult part to machine and they successfully created our prototype! We really enjoy working with Peter Tu; they always respond and send quotes quickly.

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