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Laser Engraving-Ideal Way to Add Logo Letters Symbols to Metal Parts

Hardware and metal parts are used in a wide range of production and life. They are used in many products and vehicles. For example, they can be seen everywhere in automobiles, electrical appliances, electronics, instruments and daily necessities, such as stainless steel lunch boxes, pressure cookers, Automobile covers, refrigerator door panels, hardware and metal parts on electronic appliances, but these products will be engraved with some LOGO trademarks, characters, patterns, QR codes, serial numbers, codes and other content, through the hardware logo laser marking machine can Realize engraving LOGO trademarks, text patterns, QR codes, serial numbers, codes, characters, numbers, etc. on metal products. The method of laser engraving has the advantages of fast engraving speed, high engraving efficiency, good engraving effect, and the content of laser engraving will not fade or fall off for a long time.

As a new type of laser marking equipment, hardware logo laser marking machines are gradually showing more and more excellent performance and quality. In particular, the application of fiber laser marking machines in the metal industry is increasing year by year, especially in the hardware products industry. Various laser marking schemes appearing on the market have their own marking characteristics and the range of materials suitable for marking. Users can only choose a suitable model according to the specific needs of the hardware tool marking industry. Let’s take a look at the outstanding advantages of the hardware laser marking machine.

  1. The marking effect is perfect: the hardware laser marking machine can also mark various fine and complex patterns required by users on the surface of extremely small hardware tools, and has been called the veritable “king of marking” by customers.
  2. High electro-optical conversion rate: no power coupling loss, saving operating costs, long service life of the laser, maintenance-free, and no consumables for 100,000 hours.
  3. Fast marking speed and high efficiency: the processing volume is significantly increased in the same time, and the user’s return on investment is accelerated.
  4. Integrated overall structure: small and compact, small footprint, easy to transport.


All in all, the metal laser marking machine has high electro-optical conversion efficiency, small size, good output beam quality, high reliability, and long operating life. In addition, the hardware logo laser marking machine can be applied in industries including mobile phone stainless steel trim, clocks, molds, IC, mobile phone buttons, etc. It can mark metal materials and some non-metal materials, including many that have high requirements for depth, smoothness and fineness. The field, the marking effect is durable, beautiful and clear. The fiber laser marking machine can mark various characters, serial numbers, product numbers, barcodes, QR codes, production dates, etc. on hardware products, and the time, date or serial number and product number can be automatically skipped.

At Xielifeng Tech, we offer the following surface finishing options for adding text, as well as symbols and logos:

  • Laser engraving
  • Silkscreen printing
  • Pad printing
  • Rubbing on

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