Aluminum sheet metal fabrication

6 Tips for Sheet Metal Designing

Sheet metal is one of the design types we are most exposed to every day, and it has a complicated design process. With the widespread use of sheet metal, sheet metal design has become an important part of product development, so what should be paid attention to in the process of sheet metal design? Here xielifeng technology will introduce some skills to you.

The process of sheet metal design should follow the principles of easy flattening, reasonable processing technology, reasonable shape and structure, uniform product thickness, and reasonable cost. There are a few key points to consider when designing:

(1) The first is the strength design of the sheet metal, because the strength design will directly affect the durability and service life of the product, and some design conflicts are often added to strengthen the strength of the sheet metal during design.

(2) Pay attention to the relationship between the thickness of the sheet metal and the design size, such as whether the dimension length required by the design is included in the thickness of the sheet metal.

(3) Process issues of sheet metal manufacturing, whether the process of processing and manufacturing after design is easy to operate, whether it will increase the cost of the product, and a series of issues affecting production efficiency and production safety.

(4) In the design of sheet metal assembly and installation, the rationality and convenience of assembly should be considered to reduce the problems that will arise during assembly.

(5) The connection and fixing methods between sheet metal parts are also the key points to be considered in the design. Sheet metal parts are mainly connected by screws, electric welding, rivets and other methods.

(6) The ease of maintenance also needs to be considered during design, and a reasonable and excellent sheet metal design will greatly reduce the difficulty of maintenance.

There are generally four methods for sheet metal processing:

(1) Bending processing: Use a bending machine to bend the material into the required angle. The bending height should be considered during bending processing. If the height is too low, it may cause deformation and distortion, and the ideal shape and size cannot be achieved.

(2) Curling processing: similar to bending, the main thing is to roll the material into a certain arc shape through the machine

(3) Stamping processing: Because metal is ductile, this method is to use the processed concave-convex model to process various concave-convex shapes.

(4) Punching processing: mainly blanking processing of sheet metal, punching out raw materials that have not been processed on the plate, so as to facilitate the next step of processing.

At present, the market competition is becoming more and more fierce. With the continuous advancement of technology, people begin to pay attention to product design in addition to product functions. As a professional industrial design expert, Muwo Technology has rich experience in sheet metal design. Meet the needs of enterprises and promote the rapid development of the design industry.

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