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Automotive Sheet Metal and Painting

Painting in automotive sheet metal is easy to learn because there are not many requirements. As long as you work hard and are interested, you can learn. Learning auto maintenance technology is not difficult, but if you want to learn it well, you must spend a lot of time practicing, accumulate more experience, and practice makes perfect. Sheet metal painting is actually two types of work. When the car is painting the sheet metal, the sheet metal master must first do the sheet metal treatment, and then the painter will do the painting. Sheet metal workers need to learn how to use basic equipment such as sanding, dismantling and drawing. Painters need to learn masking, putty, spraying, drying, etc. of various paints.


The basic process of sheet metal painting is usually divided into five steps:


  1. Confirm the plan: according to the severity of the vehicle collision, formulate the corresponding maintenance plan. If it is a serious traffic accident, the engine, gearbox, circuit, etc. It will be involved, then the personnel of the mechanical maintenance department will be required to dismantle and repair it.


  1. Sheet metal correction Sheet metal correction needs to repair the deformed parts through corresponding maintenance equipment according to the degree of deformation of the car body. Including sheet metal cutting, grinding, stretching, welding, deoxidation, etc. , the purpose is to restore the deformed part to its original shape and maintain the original rigidity of the metal.


  1. Scraping and shaping: After the vehicle passes through the sheet metal, there will be many defects and repair marks, which are defects that cannot be remedied by sheet metal work. Even if the new parts are replaced directly, there will be imperfections. At this time, it is necessary to reshape the waistline and flatness of the car body through scraping and shaping. This procedure may seem simple, but it actually tests the skills of the workers.


  1. Painting: The process of painting is also relatively complicated, and it also has high requirements for the working environment, which needs to be carried out under dust-free conditions. The painting is mainly divided into the following steps: spraying the first primer – spraying the intermediate primer – sanding the intermediate primer – mixing the paint – spraying the top coat – drying the paint surface.


  1. Paint surface treatment: Paint surface treatment is the last process of the whole body painting work. In fact, no matter how meticulous the workers are in their work, there will be more or less imperfections left behind. Even some dust floating in the air can affect the overall effect. At this time, we can only rely on this link to remedy.


There are three methods for repairing the deformation of automobile sheet metal depressions:


  1. Knockout repair method: For small-scale local protrusions and depressions, single, small and shallow protrusions and depressions can be repaired by knockout method, so that the metal can be deformed and restored to its original shape.
  2. Pry top repair method: Use a scraper (or spoon-shaped plate) and pointed tools (such as various picks) to pry open the concave part of the top, so that the concave part gradually returns to its original shape.
  3. Stretch repair method: use a retractor to pull out the dent, which is also one of the commonly used dent shaping methods. The pulling device includes a suction cup, a pulling cylinder and a special pulling device.


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