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15 Helpful Tips for Sheet Metal Fabrication

Tips for sheet metal processing.

  1、In order to avoid injury by chipping chips, sheet metal processing should be equipped with a transparent stopper at an appropriate position.

  2、When you need to polish the workpiece with gauze, you should move the tool to a safe position and pay attention not to let your hands and clothes touch the workpiece. When grinding the inner hole, do not use fingers to support the gauze, should use wooden sticks instead, together with the speed should not be too fast.

  3. Stop putting things, fixtures or workpieces on the lathe bed and spindle gearbox. Concentrate your mind when working on sheet metal processing. Stop fatigue operation, talk operation, multi-person operation, drunken operation and smoking operation.

  4、Adhere to the neatness of machine tool, stuff and workplace, and make a good handover. Clean up the workplace after work, should close the power supply, will be a variety of go tool handle to the safety.

  5, turning irregular shape of the workpiece, should be installed balance block, in the test rotation balance before cutting.

  6, tool clamping should be reliable, the tool head should not extend beyond 1,5 times the height of the tool body, the shape and scale of the shim under the tool should be consistent with the shape and scale of the tool body, the shim should be as little as possible and flat.

  7、Unless the lathe is equipped with a measuring device that can measure actively during operation, it should be parked and the tool holder should be moved to a safe position before measuring the workpiece.

  8、The strip chips and long spiral chips that occur during the cutting of sheet metal processing should be eliminated in time by hooks and stopped from being pulled by hand.

  9、Wear good working clothes, tie the cuffs and wear protective glasses before working on sheet metal processing, and female workers should wear working caps and put long hair in the hair care cap to stop wearing gloves.

  10、The loading and unloading of the chuck on the spindle of the lathe must be done after stopping, and the power of the motor cannot be used to remove the chuck.

  11、It is better to use protective shield for the chuck, dial and the projecting part of the chicken heart clamp to avoid strangling clothes and other parts of the body. If there is no guard, the operation should pay attention to adhere to a certain interval.

  12, with the top clamping workpiece, pay attention to the top center and spindle center hole should be completely consistent, can not use damaged or skewed top, should be used before the top, the center hole wipe clean, tailstock top to top firm.

  13、When turning slender workpieces, in order to ensure operation safety and processing quality, follow tool holder or center frame should be used, and mobile protective cover and safety sign should be set for processing parts beyond the lathe.


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