CNC Machining Master since 2000

Xielifeng Tech is an ambitious ISO registered company, specialized in CNC machining and focusing on superior workmanship, absolute quality, cleanliness and on-time lead time. We’re a firm-united team of talented and experienced engineers, machinists and technical consultants, who commit to helping solve problems relative to manufacturing precision and complex machined parts, including design, product costing, quality, assembly problems etc.
CNC machining China
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Our Services

We offer various machining services including CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, die casting, stamping, 3D printing and plastic injection services.

In addition, we also provide surface treatment as well, like anodizing, sandblasting, painting, chromed Metalspanzing, chrome sputtering, color plating, zinc plating, Powder Coat, Eletrophoresis, Sandblasted & Bead blasted, Heat treatment, and more.

Quality And Efficiency

What makes Xielifeng Tech different from other machining company is that Xielifeng is the label of superior quality and high efficiency. We have imported much high-tech equipment during these years, for example, 4 axis CNC machining center, which enables us to make complex and micro-machine precision parts faster than ever. No matter our CNC milling services, CNC turning services or other manufacturing service, we offer our customer the highest precision, best quality and delivery time.

Team Work

We have experienced engineers, programmers, QC, sales and management team. Every member is firmly connected to well fulfill customers’ orders.

Skill–We hold skill to explore training every month. Engineers, programmers and workers share new ideas and skills together to continuously improve machining skill.

Excellent communication – Sales members are fluent English speaking, proactive and have knowledge about machining, They can easily understand what you want.

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