Aluminum sheet metal fabrication

What Attention Should be Paid when Sheet Metal

Sheet metal processing products are very common in our work and life, such as office filing cabinets, bank ATM machines, laboratory test cabinets and so on.


All these products are manufactured by sheet metal processing, and it can be said that sheet metal processing technology has deepened into every aspect of our life. Today, we will share you some points that should be considered when conduct the sheet metal processing.

In the process of processing and production, the operator need to finish learning the professional technology related to it in order to ensure the production quality and production accuracy of raw materials. Many people are able to complete the process procedures such as undercutting and stamping when processing, and through these production steps they are able to achieve production effectiveness. Workers usually have to pay attention to mastering the basic parameters and process methods in the production process, which are key factors that cannot be ignored.

The material quality should be checked carefullly, such as the thickness of the sheet and the tolerance; relative to the special angle, the inner radius of the bending angle should be tried to fold first, and then judge whether to spread it flat or not; the factors that are easy to make mistakes need to be reminded with emphasis, and more attention should be paid when operating.

In the sheet metal processing, tolerance should be consider carefully: negative differences go to the bottom, positive differences go to half; the size of the hole shape is the opposite of the tolerance dimension; pay attention to the direction of the burr; the direction and position of the extraction teeth, riveting, tearing, punching bumps, etc., drawing a sectional view.

First of all, to rational design, as far as possible to reduce the design difficulty and and individual parameters, to make the whole design diagram concise and clear, processing master can understand at a glance. Then it is necessary to eliminate unnecessary processes, improve the convenience of processing, but also take into account the actual processing of all kinds of conditions, reasonable arrangements for processing procedures.

Second, the gap and grinding method should be reasonably selected.

For example, the design of the edge length parameters of the calculation method, the accuracy of the label, and then is to take into account the different plates to use different measurement standards, avoid different plates to use different measurement methods, or may produce a relatively large error.

Thirdly, the tolerances in sheet metal processing must be reasonably taken into account.

There is also the fact that in the actual design and installation process, some errors are very normal phenomena and this situation is inevitable. However, by calculating the tolerance, we can roughly know what size should be used and set aside a certain gap or length in advance, which can effectively avoid too much error affecting the final product quality requirements.

Fourth, the location and direction of riveting, punching and tearing must be clarified, and the cross section must be carefully drawn.

Fifth, in order to distinguish the different diameters of holes on the sheet metal processing drawing, we’d better label them with letters respectively? Use different letters to indicate different diameters.

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