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How to maximize the application of CNC machining technology

1 Actively innovate mechanical machining equipment

In order to maximize the application effect of In order to maximize the application effect of CNC machining technology, it is necessary to combine the characteristics of CNC machining technology, it is necessary to combine the characteristics of CNC machining technology, analyze the machining equipment, and innovate the machining equipment and machining technology in a targeted manner. Innovation is the key content of leading development. Mechanical machining and manufacturing enterprises must actively realize self-innovation, innovate and transform the original mechanical machining equipment, and make mechanical machining equipment more suitable for CNC machining machine tools, thereby enhancing the actual efficiency of mechanical machining. To master the key technologies, relevant R&D personnel must actively improve their own scientific research level, learn from and learn from domestic and foreign experience and technology, and actively invest in the innovation of mechanical machining equipment, timely discover the problems of old and aging mechanical machining equipment, and provide targeted solutions Solve problems efficiently and ensure the innovation of machining equipment.

2 Fully realize the automatic editing of mechanical machining

Intelligence is the only way to develop in the field of mechanical machining and manufacturing. At present, in the production process of many mechanical machining and manufacturing enterprises, the personnel who carry out the production generally set programs in advance to facilitate the control of mechanical equipment parameters and machining steps. In the current era of Internet innovation and technological innovation, the traditional form of manual programming is gradually being replaced. Manually setting the CNC machining program, although it can guarantee the production efficiency, is prone to errors and requires time-consuming adjustments. For the future development stage, the trend of automatic machining programming is ready to go. In order to realize the efficiency increase of machining manufacturing enterprises, it is necessary to actively integrate artificial intelligence technology and automatic programming technology to realize automatic machining programming and quickly put it into production practice. .


The automation and intelligence of CNC machining machine tools reduce the impact of human operation on machining accuracy, but the machining system error of the machine itself cannot be avoided. When producing different parts, different machining techniques can be used according to the quality standards, component composition, performance characteristics, appearance, and actual conditions of the parts to reduce the occurrence of machining errors from the initial stage of part machining. To the matching of machining technology and parts machining.


3 Reasonable selection of machine tools


In the process of modern machining, the quality of cutting tools directly affects the quality of machining. Then CNC machining technology can be used to reasonably select machine tool tools, starting from the level of precision and quality, and attaching great importance to tool selection. Machinery manufacturing enterprises must combine different machining requirements, select the corresponding machine tools, and on the basis of meeting the needs of machining, avoid the impact of machine tool errors on machined products. For example, in the cutting process, the flat head tool can be properly selected to enhance the cutting efficiency and ensure the machining quality of the parts.


At present, under the continuous innovation and development of society and technology, there are relatively few researchers engaged in mechanical numerical control. In view of this situation, the state should intervene accordingly. Through advocacy methods, more talents can enter the ranks of mechanical machining. For example, the state can use financial allocations to enjoy more benefits for those engaged in numerical control machinery and technology research, so as to increase the number of talents in the field of mechanical numerical control technology. In addition, our country should also pay attention to the integration of some new technologies and mechanical numerical control technology, such as optimizing the automation technology of the Internet of Things technology, and then fully combining it with mechanical numerical control technology to design intelligent machining equipment, which will promote the development of my country’s numerical control machining field. is of great significance. After completing the inspection of corresponding technologies and machinery, it is necessary to collect relevant technologies and improve the mechanical performance of mechanical numerical control equipment by improving the existing mechanical numerical control system.

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