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15 Helpful Precautions During CNC Machining

CNC Machining plays inportant role in our life now. We need this technology to customize various parts. During the cnc machining process, some points we need to pay some attention. Below is a sum up, hope it is helpful to you.

1) When the reset material on the top surface of the workpiece is too much, and manually remove the margin with large knife, remember not to make the gong deep.

2) The first cutting is the most important in the CNC machining, carefully operate and check then you can know that the length of the tool fill, the tool diameter fill, program, speed and so on, avoid damage to the workpiece, tool and machine tool.

3) Test cutting procedure in the following way:

  1.  Adjust the height of the first point to the maximum 100mm, see whether it is correct;
  2.  Control “fast shift” to 25% and feed to 0%;
  3.  When the tool is close to the machining surface (about 10mm), pause the machine;
  4.  Check whether the remaining trip and program are correct;
  5.  After re-start the machine, put one hand on the pause button, ready to stop at any time, and control the feed speed with the other hand;
  6.  When the tool is very close to the workpiece surface, pause the machine, check the Z-axis residual trip.
  7.  After machining and cutting are smooth and stable, each control is returned to the normal state.

4) After entering the program name, copy the program name on the screen with a pen, and then check with the program list, open the program, check whether the size of the tool diameter in the program is consistent with the program list, and fill out the file name and the size of the tool diameter in the program list immediately in the signature column of the processor, it is forbidden to fill in afterwards or beforehand.

5) In principle, when the workpiece is roughened, the NC technician shall not leave. In case of changing the tool or helping to adjust the other machine tools, the situation must be left, please ask other NC team members or come back regularly to check.

6) When polish, NC technicians should pay special attention to the place that is not opened when opening rough, to prevent the tool from crashing into this area.

7) Program cutting. In case the program is interrupted during CNC Machining processing and too much time is wasted from scratch, the group leader and programmer should be informed to modify the program and cut off the part that has been done.

8) Program exception. If the program appears abnormal, and uncertain, please stop and observe the CNC machining process, and then decide the next action.

9) The speed and speed provided by the programmer in the processing process can be adjusted by the NC mechanic according to the situation. But special attention should be paid to the small copper open coarse speed can not be opened fast, in order to avoid vibration caused by the loosening of the workpiece.

10) In the process of workpiece processing, NC technicians should check with the parts drawing to see if there are any abnormal conditions. Once they are found not consistent, they must immediately stop the machine and inform the group leader to check whether there is any error.

11) When the use of more than 200mm long tool processing, must pay attention to the allowance and feed depth, speed, speed and other problems, in order to avoid swing knife, while the speed of the corner position should be controlled.

12) For the requirement of tool diameter detection in the program list, the operator must be responsible and conscientious, and record the test diameter. If the diameter exceeds the tolerance range, the operator should immediately report to the team leader or change the tool.

13) When the machine is in automatic operation or free, the operator should go to the workstation to understand the remaining processing programming situation, prepare and grind the appropriate tool for the next processing reserve, so as to avoid the shutdown.

14) process error is the main reason why make it a waste of time: the error of using inappropriate tools for CNC machining, processing successively arrangement error, a waste of time without processing or the location of the computer processing, improper use of processing conditions (rotating speed is too slow, air knife, knife way too close, feed too slow, etc.), the incident occurred in the programming, etc.

15) In the process of processing, must pay attention to the wear of the tool, should be appropriate to replace the knife grain or tool, replace the knife grain, pay attention to the processing of the boundary is consistent.

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