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Numerical control lathes

Numerical control lathes are very commonly used in the numerical control processing industry, with high processing efficiency and simple operation, which can not only save a lot of manpower, but more importantly, can improve processing efficiency. Presumably some friends have encountered: What are the specific reasons for the high temperature of the CNC lathe?

  On the one hand, common problems such as abnormal damage of mechanical parts and blockage of pipes will cause the temperature of the corresponding parts to rise. Therefore, the temperature of the lathe can be used as a reference factor for evaluating the machine tool; on the other hand, the function of the mechanical parts is closely related to the temperature. If the temperature is too high, the function of the parts will decrease, and even the burning of the parts will occur. , Temperature is also an important factor that causes the mechanical equipment failure of vertical CNC lathes.

  Therefore, temperature monitoring occupies a very important position in the fault diagnosis of mechanical equipment. The so-called temperature monitoring refers to the use of various temperature measuring instruments to measure the temperature rise of the mechanical device and compare it with the temperature of the mechanical device during normal operation, and then diagnose the faulty parts and the degree of damage. In the fault diagnosis and monitoring of mechanical equipment of vertical CNC lathes, temperature measurement methods can be divided into two categories: touch temperature measurement and non-touch temperature measurement. Touch temperature measurement has the characteristics of fast, correct and convenient, so it is widely used in various industrial fields.



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