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CNC Machining Center vs. engraving and milling machines

Both CNC machining centers and engraving and milling machines are commonly used mechanical equipment. They also have similarities and differences. If you insist on whether CNC machining centers are better or better for engraving and milling, it is difficult to have an accurate answer. There is no way to compare the same. We can only compare the advantages and disadvantages of the two in some small aspects. Let’s follow the editor of Boyuan Hardware to see the respective advantages of CNC machining and engraving and milling machines.

Is CNC machining or engraving and milling machine better? It can be analyzed from the following:

Spindle speed: CNC machining center spindle speed requirements are generally 0-8000rpm, although high-speed machining centers can achieve very high speeds, but on the whole, engraving and milling machines have relatively high speed requirements. Engraving and milling machines require high-speed CNC system, spindle The speed is generally 3000-30000rpm, and the spindle speed of some specific engraving and milling machines is higher than that of high-speed machining centers.

Rigidity: The rigidity of the non-moving part of the CNC machining center is very good, and the rigidity of the moving part is also very good, which can be used for heavy cutting. The non-moving part of the engraving and milling machine has good rigidity, and the moving part is less rigid than the CNC machining center due to the more flexible requirements of the engraving and milling machine.

Processing range: CNC machining center is used to complete the equipment processing of workpieces with a large amount of milling, and can perform heavy cutting. The engraving and milling machine is generally used for processing equipment with small cutting amount or soft metal, and it is commonly used for lettering.

Cutting amount: The machining center is the largest, especially suitable for heavy cutting, roughing, followed by engraving and milling machine, suitable for finishing, and the smallest engraving machine.

In general, if you have to compare it, you can’t tell the difference. For example, you can’t use an engraving and milling machine in heavy cutting, and a machining center is useless in fine lettering. It can only be said that both have their characteristics and Areas of action, no hard comparisons can be made.

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