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Application of CNC Lathe in Automobile Industry

 The good flexibility, high adjustment, and high machining accuracy of CNC lathe processing have long been concerned by automakers. With the intensification of market competition; multi-variety production meets the diversified needs of the market to the greatest extent, until it meets every CNC lathe processing user The needs of automobile manufacturers have become the goal pursued by manufacturers in the automobile manufacturing industry. Flexible manufacturing units with CNC machine tools as the main body have been widely used. Nowadays, there are two key development directions of CNC machine tools: high-speed CNC lathe processing, to achieve high efficiency at high speed; speed up the development process of automation.

  In order to enable domestic CNC lathe processing to enter the automobile manufacturing industry on a large scale as soon as possible, domestic CNC lathe processing manufacturers should focus on improving their own capabilities, mainly in the following aspects:

  1. As the main engine supplier of the auto parts processing line, the CNC lathe manufacturer must not only pay attention to the design and manufacture of the main engine, but also attach great importance to the development of the various elements that constitute the modern agile flexible unit, such as manipulators and conveying devices. Because the reliability of these devices affects the operating rate of the production line. The drive rate is very important for the mass-produced automobile manufacturing industry.

  2. Possess the supporting capacity of the whole line of auxiliary machines. Due to the requirements of turnkey projects, contractors should also pay attention to establishing their own long-term partners for the entire line of contracted projects, such as special cleaning machines, because the capabilities of the supporting equipment manufacturers also affect the ability of the entire line to undertake.

  3. Improve the ability of the entire line of automated design. The modern automobile manufacturing component manufacturing has entered the era of agile production. The rationality of the automated information system design determines the normal operation of the production system. It is the application of high-tech technology in the manufacture of auto parts. It is the core competitiveness of modern CNC machine tool system suppliers.

  The purpose of setting the guide rail bearing of the CNC lathe is to limit the work of the generator main shaft so that it can only bear the radial load on the generator main shaft within the specified guide rail bearing clearance range.

  1. Reasons for the increase in bearing temperature

  1. The contact point on the surface of the shaft tile is small and the contact surface is insufficient, which does not meet the equipment specifications.

  2. The increase in bearing clearance is far greater than the clearance required by the design. As a result, it is not easy to form an oil wedge when the lubricating oil enters the bearing pad surface, resulting in poor lubrication, leading to an increase in the temperature of the guide bearing and an increase in the vibration of the unit.

  Second, the solution to the temperature rise of the guide bearing

  When lubricating the surface of the ceramic tile, even though the matching gap is the smallest through the swing point of the spindle, the distance is short, the lubrication condition is good, the heat generated by friction is small, and the cooling effect is good. Generally, it will not cause the temperature rise of the bearing, nor will it cause the ceramic tile. combustion.

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