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Tops in the CNC Machines

What is top

Machine tool top, machine tool parts in machining, there are two kinds of rotary top and fixed top. The center can support parts with complex end faces and parts that do not allow center holes. The top is mainly composed of a thimble, a clamping device, a housing, a fixed pin, a bearing and a mandrel.

Applications of Top

One end of the tip can top the center hole or the inner hole of the pipe material, and the other end can be a spherical or conical part on the top surface, and the tip is fixed by a clamping device. When the part does not allow or cannot punch the center hole, the clamping device can be used to directly clamp the turning. The shell and the mandrel are drilled with pin holes, and the fixed pins are inserted or removed to realize the dual use of the top, and to finish precision cnc machining parts.

Usages of Top

The top can also be used for drilling, setting and reaming of workpieces. A universal machine tool attachment center for machine tools. A three-jaw self-centering chuck or a four-jaw chuck is connected to a casing through fasteners. A bearing is provided between the casing and the mandrel, and a fixed pin is used to insert and fit. It is characterized in that one end of the top is a convex cone and oblique spline, and the other end is a concave hemispherical and conical blind hole.

Features of Rotary Top

1. The outer diameter is small and there are few interference knives, suitable for high speed and moderate cutting;

2. can be regularly oiled to prolong the service life;

3. has a certain waterproof function, and the integrity is easy to dissipate heat;

4. adopts long-slope needle roller bearings, and the three-point support arrangement structure has strengthened rigidity and good stability. The fixed tip has the shape of a cone and a half of the head.

Fixed Top Features:

1 Front standard tungsten carbide top center;

2 The material of tungsten carbide top center is SK2, and the hardness reaches 75HRC±2;

3 The top center and body need to be precisely ground to meet the requirements.

There are many types of rotary tops. We choose different rotary tops according to the specific conditions of use. The wear resistance of rotary tops is very high, and there will be no damage when using rotary tops. Rotary tops are often used in In some large-scale equipment, we pay attention to daily maintenance when using the rotary top, so as to ensure the normal operation of the machine

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