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What problems are often encountered in engraving and milling CNC processing?

CNC engraving and milling is widely used in the precision machining of aerospace hardware parts, so what problems are often prone to occur during high-speed CNC engraving and milling?

  1. If the roughing effect is not good, how to adjust the parameters: Assuming that the speed of the main axis is reasonable and the frequency of tool change or sharpening is still too much, when adjusting the parameters, you should first adjust the depth of the feed and then adjust the depth of the feed. If the speed and cutting efficiency are too low, then you should change a little tool for processing to make the processing efficiency higher. Generally speaking, the minimum depth of the knife should not be too shallow.
  2. What are the requirements for cnc engraving and milling for rough machining of steel materials: Whether the use of cnc engraving and milling can process some materials with special properties depends on what kind of tool is used. The tool used in cnc engraving and milling determines its Maximum cutting capacity.
  3. What are the reasons that affect precision engraving and milling: Precision engraving and milling hardware processing is a complex process of processing the geometric shape of the workpiece surface, and there are many factors that affect its processing effect, mainly the following points, which are the characteristics of the machine tool , used tools, control system, processing technology, material properties, auxiliary fixtures and surrounding environment;
  4. What properties of materials will affect engraving and milling: The main factors affecting engraving and milling are material types, hardness and toughness. The material category mainly includes metal materials and non-metallic materials. Overall, the greater the hardness, the worse the processing performance, the greater the year, the worse the processing performance, the more impurities, the worse the processing type, and the internal material of the material. The greater the strength of the microparticles.
  5. What are the requirements for the use of tools in precision engraving and milling: The tool factor is also an important main aspect that affects the engraving and milling process. The tool factor includes the tool material, parameters, and sharpening techniques.

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