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How to process products such as turning and milling machine tools

One of the most popular processing technology in the world in the field of mechanical processing. It is an advanced manufacturing technology. How to process a product such as a turning-milling compound machine tool is to implement several different processing techniques on one machine tool. The most widely used and most difficult compound machining is turning and milling compound machining. The turning and milling compound machine tool machining center is equivalent to a combination of a CNC lathe and a machining center.

  At present, most of the combined machining of turning and milling is done on the turning center, and the general turning center just replaces the ordinary turret tool post of the CNC lathe with the turret tool post with power tools, and the spindle increases the C-axis function. Due to the limitation of the turret tool post structure and dimensions, the power of the power head is small, the speed is not high, and larger tools cannot be installed. Such a turning center is mainly used for turning, and the milling and drilling functions are only for auxiliary processing. The cost of power tool post is high, which causes the cost of turning center to remain high. The domestic price is generally more than 100,000, and the imported one is more than 200,000. The average user cannot afford it. Most of the economical turning and milling compound machine tools are XZC axis, which is to add a rotating C axis to the chuck to realize the basic milling function.

  .Operators are allowed to operate after passing the examination and obtain operating certificates. Operators of CNC lathe manufacturers should be familiar with the performance and structure of the machine, and must abide by the safety and shift system.

  2. The operating procedures of the CNC lathe manufacturer must be based on the requirements of the manual of the powerful grinder, understand and memorize each lubrication part, lubrication method and type and brand of lubricating oil in detail, and carry out the lubrication maintenance according to the lubrication chart of the grinder.

  3. Before starting work, you should wear protective equipment according to the regulations, and compare the shift record book. The CNC lathe manufacturer conducts detailed inspections on all parts of the grinder. If problems are found, they should be reported level by level in time, and the abnormal conditions must not be driven to work.

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