CNC carving process

With the continuous development of science and technology, smart locks have also undergone different levels of innovation. In order to pursue a more refined user experience, many manufacturers have begun to use the CNC carving process. What is this process? What is its advantage?

CNC carving process

The essence of CNC engraving process is the high-speed and fine engraving process of small tools. It is the guarantee that Jingdiao machined products can be completed with high quality, high efficiency and ease. It is a complete set of engraving technology obtained by Jingdiao Technology after years of scientific research and practice. This engraving process is a strong guarantee for the smooth and efficient work of the engraving machine, and the precision of the manufactured products is 20 times that of ordinary processes! Moreover, the product is integrally formed, and it is no longer necessary to use parts to assemble and form like ordinary processes.

Which surface treatment process is used in the CNC process?

The surface treatment of the common CNC process is anodizing, and an aluminum oxide film is formed on the surface of the panel through the principle of electrolysis, which effectively improves the surface hardness of the aluminum material. For the panel of the smart lock, the combination of CNC process and anodizing process can improve the hardness of the panel, make the panel smoother, wear-resistant, and keep the door lock new for a long time, thereby reducing the residue of fingerprints.

Advantages of CNC engraving

The surface processed by CNC can do various processing effects, such as highlighting, wire drawing, etc., and can also achieve a three-dimensional effect on the product, so that the texture of the metal itself can be improved.

Another advantage of CNC is that it is easy to modify dimensional parameters through programming. After the general die-casting process mold is opened, it is not easy to modify the appearance size. And CNC carving can also make customized patterns, texts, and decorations on products.

At the same time, there is almost no manufacturing error rate. After the 3D modeling blueprint of the product is designed, it is imported into the engraving machine computer, and the finished product is automatically polished, which saves a lot of labor costs, and the efficiency and accuracy are far beyond ordinary processes.

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