Zirconia Ceramic Precision Machining

With the advancement of high-tech science and technology and the rapid development of industrialization, everyone has stricter requirements for structural materials, and zirconia structural ceramic products have also attracted much attention. Zirconia ceramics is a new type of high-tech ceramics with many advantageous conditions and is used in various industries. What is the comprehensive advantage of performance and cost of zirconia ceramics?

The performance of zirconia ceramics: Zirconia ceramics is a new type of high-tech ceramics. It has the conditions of high hardness, high strength, high chemical stability and acid and alkali corrosion resistance that precision ceramics should have. Its toughness enables zirconia ceramics to be used in various industries, such as molds, shaft seal bearings, automotive parts, cutting components, and even in the human body.

Cost of zirconia ceramics: In the field of consumer electronics, because the hardness of zirconia ceramics is very close to sapphire, but the cost is not as high as that of sapphire, the total cost is less than 1/4 of sapphire, and the refractive index is also higher than that of glass and sapphire. The dielectric constant is between 30-46, which is non-conductive and does not shield signals. Therefore, zirconia ceramics are favored by mobile phone backplanes and fingerprint recognition module patches.

  1. From the chemical point of view, zirconia ceramics show very absolute inertness, no aging and acid and alkali resistance, far exceeding plastics and even metals.
  2. From the perspective of communication performance, the dielectric constant of zirconia ceramics is three times higher than that of sapphire, and the signal is more sensitive, which is very suitable for fingerprint identification patches. There will be no shielding effect, and it will not be affected by the internal antenna layout. It is a very convenient one-piece molding.
  3. From the perspective of physical properties, ceramics are structural parts of consumer electronics, and their vitality is very strong, especially zirconia ceramics, which have been confirmed in many fields such as industry, medical care, and optical signals. Zirconia ceramics are very high-quality structures. piece of material. The field of consumer electronics has the effect of cost reduction and brittleness improvement; in terms of hardness, the Mohs hardness of zirconia ceramics is around 8.5,

The Mohs hardness of sapphire is 9, which can be said to be very close to that of sapphire; the Mohs hardness of Corning glass is 7, the Mohs hardness of aluminum magnesium alloy is 6.0, the Mohs hardness of tempered glass is 5.5, and the Mohs hardness of polycarbonate is 5.5. Only 3.0, the Mohs hardness of zirconia ceramics can be said to be relatively high.

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