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The special machine tool for graphite CNC machining

With the continuous development of the CNC machining industry, the division of labor of CNC machine tools is becoming more and more refined. The special machine tool for graphite CNC machining belongs to a kind of CNC machine tool. Due to the rise of graphite, a new material, as a special machine tool for graphite processing: graphite CNC machining special machine tools are gradually emerging.

In recent years, the mold industry has developed rapidly. Graphite materials, new processes and the increasing number of mold factories continue to impact the mold market. Graphite has gradually become the preferred material for mold making due to its good physical and chemical properties.

Carbon materials have basic properties such as good electrical and thermal conductivity, chemical corrosion resistance, lubricity, electrical properties, heat resistance, high temperature properties, high temperature thermal spalling resistance, and electrochemical properties. Carbon, especially special graphite, has become an indispensable important material and industrial material in modern industry. Relying on its inherent characteristics, it is often widely used in various industries in the form of basic raw materials, molds, appliances, components, components and structural materials. Environment, manufacturing process of industrial products under different production conditions. The carbon industry is a very diversified industry. It not only has the foundation of traditional industries, but also has opportunities and space for high-tech and high-tech development. The industry’s development prospects are good for a long time. At the same time, the carbon industry also deeply processes and reuses the waste residues of the petrochemical and coal chemical industries. It is an industry that uses secondary energy and conforms to the concept of circular economy.

As a special machine tool for graphite CNC machining, the graphite engraving and milling machine is also on the rise because of the rise of graphite materials. So can ordinary machine tools process graphite materials? Graphite material is a kind of material that is very easy to be machined, and ordinary machine tools can process graphite material. But this is not good. Graphite dust is very damaging to ordinary machine tools, and it is easy to cause a series of problems such as damage to machine tool components, decline in machining accuracy, and reduction in machine tool life. The graphite engraving and milling machine is used to process graphite materials, which can be quickly and precisely processed, and can be made into various workpieces and products. The graphite engraving and milling machine not only has the same functions as the engraving and milling machine, but also has more special functions. It has significantly improved the processing efficiency and processing accuracy, and has also made great progress in the life of the machine tool.

Graphite precision machining machine
The special machine tool for graphite CNC machining specially developed for the chemical properties, physical properties, processing technology of graphite materials, etc., has a good dustproof device and excellent processing ability. At present, the machine is mainly used in graphite molds, graphite electrodes and other high-precision graphite products. These precision graphite products have been widely used in many cutting-edge fields such as 5G communication, 3C digital, aerospace and so on.

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