Notes for Sheet Metal Fabrication

1. To avoid personal injury from broken fragments, open baffles should be installed in the proper orientation.

2. When it is necessary to polish the surface of the workpiece with gauze, move the tool to a safe position, taking care not to let your hands and clothing touch the surface of the workpiece. Instead of supporting the gauze with your fingers, use a wooden stick when grinding the inner hole. At the same time, the speed should not be too fast.

3. Do not place objects, fixtures, or workpieces on the bed and spindle gearbox. Focus on your homework. Avoid tired, chatting, multi-personal, drunken, and smoking jobs

4. Keep the machine tools, items, and workplace clean and tidy, and do a good job of handover work. When cleaning the job site after getting off work, turn off the power and keep the all tool handles in a safe place.

5. When turning workpieces with irregular shapes, a balance block should be installed to try to balance.

6. The tool is clamped reliably, and the protruding part of the tool head does not exceed 1.5 times the height of the tool body. The shape and scale of the gasket under the tool should be consistent with the shape and scale of the tool body, and the gasket should be as few and flat as possible.

7. In addition to the lathe equipped with measuring tools that measure automatically during operation, the workpiece is being measured.

8. Strip chips and long spiral chips generated in the cutting process should be removed with a hook in time, and should not be pulled by hand.

9. Before the operation, wear overalls, fasten cuffs, and wear protective glasses. Female workers should wear work caps, and hair caps should be worn with long hair. Gloves are prohibited. Chuck loading and unloading on the spindle of the lathe must be done after shutdown. It is not allowed to use the force of the motor to remove the chuck.

11. It is advisable to use protective covers for the protrusions of chucks, dials, and cores that hold workpieces to avoid the stranding of clothing and other parts of the body. If there is no protective cover, pay attention to maintaining a certain interval during operation.

12. When clamping the workpiece with the center, pay attention that the center is the same as the center hole of the spindle. Damaged or tilted centers must not be used. The center and the center hole should be cleaned before use, and the center of the tailstock should be firmly supported.

13. When turning slender workpieces, a tool heel or a steady rest should be used to ensure operational safety and machining quality. Processing parts beyond the scale of the lathe should be equipped with movable guards and safety signs.

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