How to Reduce Mistakes in Sheet Metal Machining

Sheet metal machining is a commonly used industrial product machining technology, which often includes a variety of methods, such as cutting and blanking, bending, and forming. In these sheet metal machining processes, errors are unavoidable. Errors are allowed but have a range. If the error is beyond the range, it should be caused by improper operation. But what we need to do is to control this error to the minimum to the allowable range. So how do reduce errors in sheet metal machining?

In the process of sheet metal machining, methods to minorize errors:

  1. When we use sheet metal machining for cutting operations, we must ensure that the error is controllable. Of course, it is impossible to have no error when we operate, but we must ensure that the sheet metal machining error is within the corresponding range. inner. As for the specific width, this specific width is not a fixed value. Generally speaking, it is mainly related to the thickness, properties, laser power, and jet pressure of the material to be cut. Control can reach 0.01 mm.
  2. After the sheet metal is processed, it generally has many characteristics. It can save materials because the cutting process is all set by computer programming, so the equipment can cut different shapes of processed parts, and there will be no unnecessary waste, which can increase the utilization rate of materials. Reduce material costs.
  3. In the process of sheet metal machining, the power of the laser generator will also affect the cutting performance during sheet metal machining. Usually, 4500W power can cut to 12mm thickness, while 6000W power cutting thickness can reach 16mm, but the machining cost is relatively high. In order to cut the workpiece apart, the molten material should also be cleaned with the help of a high-speed airflow that can be coaxial with the beam.

In summary, it is a method to reduce errors in the process of sheet metal machining. In sheet metal machining, errors are inevitable. Only by analyzing the factors that affect the occurrence of errors, we can take corresponding preventive measures to reduce machining errors and improve machining power.

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