How to Manage the CNC Machining Cutting Tools’ Life

After a period of processing, the CNC machining cutting tool will wear out. Usually, the operator will remove the tool to measure the amount of wear and judge whether the tool can continue to be used. Frequent operations may reduce production efficiency and even affect the normal production. Is there any good way to solve this problem?

What is cutting tool life management?

Tool life management is a function to manage tools by setting tool management conditions and monitoring tool usage.

The tool life management of lathes and machining centers is different: there are two ways for lathes and three ways for machining centers, which are set by #1096 parameter.

Tool life management type

Select the tool life management type by setting parameter #1096.

Tool Life Management I

The tool usage time or usage times specified by the program command is accumulated, and the usage status of the tool is monitored.

Tool Life Management II

On the basis of Tool Life Management I, the function of selecting a spare tool is added. Select the spare tool from the tool group specified by the program. Tool compensation (tool position compensation, tool radius compensation) is performed on the selected tool.

Tool life management III (for M system only)

Accumulates the usage time, usage count, and wear amount of the tool specified by the program command, and monitors the usage status of the tool, but does not manage it by the group number.

M80/800 has added a graphical display, if the tool life management is used, the tool usage can be displayed intuitively!

As shown in the figure below, when the service life of the tool is within the set range, the tool icon on the system screen is transparent;

CNC cutting tool life management function

When the life of the tool is about to reach 90% of the set total life, the background color of the tool icon changes to yellow;

CNC tool life management function

And when the tool life is reached, the background color of the icon will change to red.

What are the advantages of life management?

1 For the operator

Setting the corresponding tool life management in advance not only eliminates the need to measure the amount of tool wear, but also eliminates the need to manually switch tools that can no longer be used, eliminating the need for empirical judgment.

2 For processing

Avoid using tools that exceed the service life for processing, improve the qualified rate of processed products, and reduce the possibility of equipment damage caused thereby.

3 For the whole production management

Tool life management can shorten the processing cycle, improve the production yield, and control the cost of tool use, which is very practical for manufacturing enterprises that focus on mass production.

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