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CNC Machining Laptop Dell XPS 13 9305

In the thin and light laptop camp, the XPS 13 9305 has a maverick aesthetic. Not only is it a powerful productivity tool, it’s refined, sharp, and elegant. The fuselage as light as 1.16kg is precision-cut from a single piece of aviation aluminum, and the CNC process produces a calm and precise texture, which is unforgettable.

This time, let’s start with the CNC process and explore the secrets of the thin and powerful XPS 13 9305.

CNC machining*, usually refers to computer numerical control precision machining. Its high machining accuracy and high repeatability make the body truly thinner, lighter and stronger. Aluminum alloy is one of the first choices for this process, it has excellent strength and weight, and also meets the needs of portable electronic products.

The XPS 13 9305 adopts the aluminum alloy body, which is precisely cut from a single piece of 6000 series aviation aluminum, and the structure of the whole machine is sturdy and durable. Whether it is corners, edges or shell planes, CNC-milled machine details are more delicate and feel smoother. It’s what makes the XPS 13 9305’s lightweight, sturdy body, creating a pure, clean visual aesthetic.

How to balance weight control in CNC machining process?

With in-depth understanding, you will find that many notebooks using CNC machining technology have something in common: aluminum alloy is very malleable, and fine processing can present a high-quality handicraft-like texture; but compared with magnesium alloys, it is difficult to achieve excellent “weight control”. Therefore, many notebooks using this process will increase the weight of the body compared to the previous generation.

The XPS 13 9305 is different. Its body is as light as 1.16kg! In order to achieve excellent weight control, this notebook has made a series of “subtractions” in its design. The InfinityEdge micro-frame is only 4mm on both sides, and the body is as thin as 7.8mm at the thinnest part. By subtracting the frame and thickness of the body, a smaller and lighter product is created. At the same time, the screen with a high screen ratio will also bring A better visual experience, so the excellent quality is built in a light enough weight.

The combination of craftsmanship and materials makes XPS 13 9305 break the “impossible” boundary, bringing a brisk experience, allowing users to walk with it with more elegance and calmness.

The XPS 13 9305 is elegant and powerful

You must already know how the XPS 13 9305 creates a light and elegant product. In terms of performance and experience, how does it use a light body to carry powerful strength and conquer discerning users?

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