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CNC machining aluminum alloy shell

CNC machining aluminum alloy shell is an advanced manufacturing technology that combines high efficiency, high quality and low consumption. The problems of easy deformation and poor surface quality of parts that are troubled by conventional machining can be solved by CNC machining. In view of the characteristics of “small cutting, fast feed” in CNC machining of aluminum alloy shells, CNC machining technology and operation methods are used to CNC process aluminum alloy shell parts. Through the optimization of cutting tool paths and the selection of cutting parameters, the improvement of The purpose of processing efficiency and ensuring processing quality. So if you want to improve the CNC production quality of aluminum alloy casings, what should you do?

The methods to improve the CNC production quality of aluminum alloy shells are as follows:

Control from the raw materials of the aluminum casing: We always pay attention to the selection of raw materials when we carry out CNC production. The characteristics of each material are different. Different CNC production schemes are adopted to ensure the improvement of the quality of the casing.

Strict inspection process: I believe that many CNC workers will ignore it, resulting in low quality CNC production of aluminum alloy casings. In fact, a strict inspection process should be formulated. The first product after each process, the management personnel must conduct quality inspection, record the product inspection record, and conduct inspection every few hours during this period.

Controlling the CNC production surface of aluminum alloy casings: Strict standards also need to be formulated for the surface treatment of aluminum casings. The quality inspection before leaving the factory will inspect the surface finish, sharp edge removal, chamfering, etc. of the product, and all dimensions with tolerances need to be inspected. The surface of the product is not allowed to have scratches, burrs, etc. How to repeat the treatment twice to make sure the surface is free of extra edges and corners.

The principle of handling the aluminum alloy shell CNC products with care: the CNC products should be effectively packaged, and the carton or wooden box should be selected according to the quality and characteristics of the products to ensure that the CNC products will not be damaged during transportation.

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