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Data collection from CNC machine tool and injection molding machine

Application background of machine tool data acquisition

With the current hot development of intelligent manufacturing and Industry 4.0, and the rise of technologies such as big data and edge computing, real-time recording of various operating data of equipment has become a relatively popular industry at present. Some manufacturers just take this as an opportunity to reap the benefits Tens of millions of financing; data collection of machine tools, and even the development of data collection and development of manufacturing equipment systems, which is often referred to as IOT, truly constitute the first step in the development of intelligent manufacturing and Industry 4.0. I have many years of experience in data collection, and now I have opened a column on CSDN, and I will gradually summarize the problems involved in machine tool data collection in the future. At the same time, I also communicate and learn with everyone, hoping to build a complete and flexible data collection platform system, and at the same time support a platform system with powerful functions of hundreds of billions of data operations, I hope that like-minded comrades can fight side by side. At present, the underlying protocol of machine tool data acquisition has also been mentioned by all the great gods on the Internet, but no one can clarify the specific application level.

The introduction of machine tool data acquisition scheme

Two kinds of processing equipment, CNC machine tool and injection molding machine, constitute the main processing industry in the current industrial field; CNC machine tool, as a very important equipment in the manufacturing industry, can be said to be the core of the core, many people in the development of data collection, because of CNC Due to the complexity of the machine tool, it is difficult to carry out; there are many types of CNC machine tools, and the production age and version are different, resulting in different data collection difficulties; the core of data collection of machine tools is actually to collect data in the CNC system. CNC systems mainly include: Fanuc, MITSUBISHI, Mazak, Okuma, SIEMENS, HEIDENHAIN, Rexroth, Brother , Haas (Haas), Guangshu (GSK), Huazhong (HNC), New Generation (SYNTEC), KND (KND) and other numerical control systems, the above numerical control systems basically include 80% of the current numerical control types on the market.

The above numerical control systems basically constitute 80% of the numerical control systems on the market, and most machine tool manufacturers will directly use the above numerical control systems. With all the above-mentioned machine tool data collection, basically all CNC machine tools are basically no problem.

At present, the main ones I know are Haitian, Yizumi, Fanuc, etc. However, there are very few injection molding machines that do data collection, and they are basically monopolized by Haitian, so there is no good way for now, only to collect some IO signals point, but basically usable.

Data acquisition of PLC equipment

The data acquisition of PLC is relatively simple as a whole, as long as it can establish a communication connection with the PLC, it can basically be done.

For the data collection layer, if you want to standardize your products, it is best to crack the protocol layer, remove the dependency package, and develop it yourself, which can support the secondary development of any language, and there are many degrees of freedom. It will also bring a lot of workload, which needs to be treated differently according to the actual situation.

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