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China CNC Machining Tips

Below are some tips for China CNC Machining:

Debugging Tips

After programming the parts, we need to test and debug after the tool is set. To prevent errors in the program and mistakes in the toolset, resulting in collision accidents, we should first perform idle travel simulation processing and face them in the coordinate system of the machine tool. The tool is moved to the right by 2-3 times the total length of the part; then start the simulation processing, after the simulation processing completes, confirm that the program and toolsets are correct, and then start processing the part. After the first part is processed, first self-check to confirm that it is qualified, and then find a full-time inspection and inspection. After the full-time inspection is confirmed, it means that the debugging is over.

Finished machining of parts

After the first piece of trial, cutting is completed, the parts will be mass-produced, but the qualification of the first piece does not mean that the whole batch of parts will be qualified, because during the processing, the tool will be worn due to the difference of the processing material, and the processing material Soft, the tool wear is small, the processing material is hard, the tool wear is fast, so in the process of processing, it is necessary to check frequently, increase and decrease the tool compensation value in time to ensure the qualified parts.

In short, the basic principles of machining are: first rough machining, remove excess material from the workpiece, and then finish machining; avoid vibration during machining; avoid thermal denaturation of the workpiece during machining. There are many reasons for vibration, which may be overloaded. Large; it may be the resonance between the machine tool and the workpiece, or the rigidity of the machine tool may be insufficient, or it may be caused by the passivation of the tool. We can reduce the vibration by the following methods; reduce the lateral feed and machining depth, check Whether the workpiece clamping is reliable, increase the speed of the tool and reduce the speed to reduce the resonance. In addition, check whether it is necessary to replace a new tool.

In addition, to operate the CNC machine tool safely and prevent the machine tool from colliding, I have the following experience:

It is said that one can’t learn machine tool operation without touching the machine tool. This is a wrong and harmful understanding. The machine tool collision will greatly damage the accuracy of the machine tool, and it will have different effects on different types of machine tools. Generally speaking, has a greater impact on machine tools with low rigidity.

Once the machine tool collides, the impact on the accuracy of the machine tool is fatal. Therefore, for high-precision CNC lathes, collisions must be avoided. As long as the operator is careful and masters certain anti-collision methods, collisions can be completely prevented and avoided.

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