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Tips for CNC Bending Machining

CNC Bending is frenquently used CNC machining method. The following tips are CNC bending machine operator requirements and operating skills for your reference.

CNC bending machine operation skills

  1. Operation requirements of CNC bending machine
  2. 7 skills of hydraulic bending machine operation

Correct operation can improve work efficiency, save costs, and the machine can be durable.

We’ll give you some helpful tips on how to operate your press brake.

CNC bending machine operator requirements

CNC bending machine operator

– Only trained workers should operate the press brake.

– Operators should read the manual carefully.

– Before you start using it, please make sure you understand the details, structure, performance and safety information of the CNC bending machine.

– Please follow the safety information items before starting to use the hydraulic sheet metal bending machine.

– The operation manual of the press brake is very important. We need to keep the manual in a safe place so that it can be checked if necessary.

7 tips for hydraulic press brake operation

Hydraulic bending machines are widely used in aircraft, automobile, shipbuilding, electrical appliances, machinery, light industry and other manufacturing industries.

So correct operation and simple use are very important. When using the machine, there are the following tips.

CNC bending machine operation

– Operators should always check all connecting bolts and pipe joints to ensure they are tightened before operation.

– The main parts of the machine, such as the frame, are all welded structures.

– When using a CNC bending machine, the operator should check the welds frequently during the operation.

– If a crack is found, the machine should be shut down immediately, and it can only be repaired by a technician before operation.

– It must be ensured that the metal hydraulic press brake is reliably grounded.

CNC bending machine back gauge

– The back gauge of CNC sheet metal bending is driven by servo motor, which can achieve precise positioning.

– The back gauge of Shenchong CNC hydraulic press brake adopts imported famous brand, and the back gauge can be fine-tuned manually.

– We need to regularly check the clearance between the lead screw and the nut, and re-tighten or replace the worn parts when the clearance is too large to ensure accurate positioning.

– The operator is prohibited from adjusting the rear gauge fingers in front of the machine.

Bending machine upper and lower die operation

– When using hydraulic sheet metal bending machines, we bend different materials, different plate thicknesses, plate widths and lengths.

– So the top tool and bottom die must be selected correctly.

– When the plate thickness changes, the opening width of the lower die needs to be reselected.

– When bending short workpieces, the operator should place the plate in the middle of the machine to avoid unbalanced load.

– We often need to adjust and change the opening of the bottom mold. At this time, we can use the lifting ring to rotate or move the bottom mold to select the correct V-groove on the bending mold of the CNC bending machine.

CNC bending machine safety

  • Do not operate the hydraulic press brake under a bending force exceeding the nominal force, so as to avoid damage to the machine.

– Do not stick your hands or any part of your body into the mold area at any time,

– Never adjust any part behind the plunger from the front of the machine through the die area.

– The body should be kept away from the workpiece to avoid injury caused by the bending of the workpiece when the machine is running.

– When the CNC bending machine stops working, the gate must be kept at the bottom dead center.

Bending machine power supply safety

In order to ensure the stability of the power supply, the following points must be paid attention to during the operation of the hydraulic bending machine:

– The operator cannot weld on the machine nor connect high power.

– We cannot use them as ground conductors.

– Make sure the machine high power point is stable and there is no high voltage circuit.

– The hydraulic CNC bending machine should be installed in a workshop without direct sunlight.

– For the operating environment of the hydraulic press brake, it is best to have an environment with low humidity, less dust and good ventilation.

– Before using the CNC bending machine, we need to confirm whether the hydraulic system can prevent the machine from being overloaded by the bending pressure of the machine.

Shenchong CNC sheet metal bending machines all use electro-hydraulic proportional valves, which are imported from Germany or other European countries.

Therefore, the Shenchong hydraulic press brake can issue a warning at the first time when it is overloaded.

– The machine should be operated within the rated pressure range, otherwise serious accident may occur.

– The compensation system under the bottom die of the hydraulic press brake ensures higher bending accuracy.

– When we buy a bending machine, it is best to choose a machine with compensation. Shenchong metal bending machines usually have a compensation system.

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