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How to Control High-speed CNC Machining Cutting Tools

In the current market, the efficiency requirements and cost control of parts processing are becoming more and more strict, and high-speed cutting technology can well meet this requirement. At present, the high-speed cutting method of CNC machine tools has been widely used in various manufacturing industries, such as aerospace, electronic light industry, model mold production, automobile manufacturing, etc., and has achieved very good economic and social benefits. In the process of processing aerospace accessories, communication equipment accessories, medical equipment accessories, LED advertising screens, video camera panels, and drone accessories, high-speed cutting can effectively improve production efficiency, product quality and workpieces. Machining accuracy, so it has been highly valued by us.

In terms of the current high-speed cutting tool market in CNC finishing, the commonly used tool materials are polycrystalline diamond, polycrystalline cubic boron nitride, ceramics, matrix cemented carbide, ultra-fine grained cemented carbide, etc. Each tool material is suitable for different workpiece materials and cutting speed ranges.

When the workpiece material of non-ferrous metal and its alloy is non-ferrous metal and its alloy, the mechanical strength of the material is very high. Speed ​​processing, to avoid the use of base ceramic tools.

Cast iron and steel When the workpiece material is cast iron and steel, if the cutting speed is lower than 500m/min, the tool material should be coated carbide tools, etc. If the cutting speed is higher than 500m/min and lower than 1000m/min, the tool material should be Choose ceramic or polycrystalline cubic boron nitride tools. If the cutting speed is higher than 1000m/min, the best tool material is polycrystalline cubic boron nitride tools.

If the workpiece material is nickel-based alloy, it is a typical difficult-to-machine material, because nickel-based alloy has high shear strength, high temperature strength, and low thermal diffusivity. For workpieces of this type of material, a tool with a higher polycrystalline cubic boron nitride content, or a whisker-toughened ceramic tool should be used.

In the design of high-speed cutting tool structure in CNC machining, the needs of dynamic balance should be fully considered. Therefore, the tool structure should be improved in the following points:

1. try to avoid stress concentration, choose the tool body design of the rotary shaft structure, the rake angle of the tool should be smaller than the rake angle of the conventional cutting tool, and the clearance angle is relatively large;

2. the contact parts of the main and auxiliary cutting edges must be rounded;

3. Properly increase the length of the cutting tool at the position of the tool tip, and thicken the tool material to enhance the rigidity of the tool;

4. the tool handle should be thicker than the tool arm, and the connection with the tool is inverted cone-shaped;

5. the tool overhang should not be too long, and the coolant hole should be set in the center to improve the high temperature resistance.

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