Bystronic has configured its ByCut Smart 6225 equipment with a 12kW laser output

Recently, Bystronic has configured its ByCut Smart 6225 equipment with a 12kW laser output, bringing another large-scale sheet metal cutting product with excellent performance.

According to reports, the new equipment launched this time can provide a greatly accelerated cutting process, which can cut more parts in a shorter time. In addition, the optional BeamShaper function enables superior quality output, cutting steel sheets as thin as 30mm. In addition, the BeamShaper function further improves the quality of the cutting edge and increases the cutting speed by up to 20%.

Efficient nesting

It is worth mentioning that this large-format ByCut Smart 6225 equipment can realize fast and high-quality processing of large sheet metal parts, with a maximum length of 6.2 meters and a maximum width of 2.5 meters. This significantly improves the overall efficiency of the sheet metal production process, and large-format sheet metal enables more efficient nesting of cut parts.

In terms of software, the configured BySoft CAM processing software provides support for intelligent nesting procedures, thereby greatly improving the utilization rate of materials and greatly reducing the generation of raw material scraps.

In addition, this device adds ByCut Smart for various cutting applications. With large-scale sheet metal processing and manufacturing capabilities, it can not only cut various small parts, but also large parts, and does not require the system to interrupt the laser cutting process.

Full spectrum laser output

A highlight of the ByCut Smart 6225 device is its ability to achieve a full spectrum of laser output: With ByCut Smart, users can choose from 3000W, 4000W, 6000W, 8000W, 10000W and 12000W fiber laser sources to suit their needs personal needs. In addition to the ByCut Smart 6225, Bystronic will also offer five other fiber laser models, the 12020, 8020, 6520, 4020 and 3015.